Hello, students!
This page will be filled with material that will be useful to you for reference.  It will also have self-testing quizzes that will give you experience in using the concepts of science. We may also use it as a blog for questions that come up.

I’ll now run this blog style.  I’ll post short summaries of topics, with links to extended posts

Posted 1 February 2022: Here are some major topics in chemistry. We’ll be picking topics for presentations, areas for students to choose being questioned on, and further exploration in class

Posted 12 February 2022: I made a summary of the class of Tuesday, 8 February.  This will be a useful reference for two chemistry experiments… and there are two bits of homework in this. It also summarizes the first topics in biology.

Posted 12 February 2022: Here is an outline of topics in biology for these final months. We’ll go over them in class, to varying depths in each topic.  This might pique your interest!

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