Friday, April 1st, 2022. We had a wonderful and informative presentation by Ms. Elizabeth Brasher, teacher and Deputy Head of School. She addressed the choices that our graduating students and their parents face for the adventure of high school. Elizabeth has experience in the process; her own daughter is making the transition in the 2022-23 school year, and she’s seen a number of earlier LCA graduates make the transition very successfully.

Six LCA families came for the presentation, and pizza! Elizabeth created a PowerPoint presentation; alas, it couldn’t be made to work, so she led the discussion with printed handouts.  The original PowerPoint presentation is here for downloading so that you can play it yourself. If that is not handy, the individual slides are presented in the carousel below.  We hope you find all the information and advice very useful.  Our students do well, both here at the LCA and in high school; high schools appreciate students who have gained knowledge, wisdom, and good work habits at the LCA.

Individual slide images are here. To get started, click on the 1st image at left.  The image will expand to fill the screen. Click on the arrow at right to advance, or on the arrow at left to go back.  Enjoy!

[unitegallery forward_to_high_school]