May 18, 2022.  We had a very welcome surprise visit by three of our LCA alumni/-ae!  Louis Pate, Alegra Reinhold, and David Flores all showed up in their graduation gowns and mortarboards from Las Cruces High School, including their drapings showing their academic honors. Head of School Lou Ellen Kay and Board Chair Vince Gutschick met them as they arrived. It was a joyful reunion all around. Louis, Alegra, and David toured the school, saw their old classrooms, met their former teachers and new teachers, and listened to young students sing in Chinese as they once did. They were pleased to see on the walls the cultural items and educational postings new and old, and even the scientific art they had created back when. Louis and Alegra were happy to see the light-up periodic table of the chemical elements that they helped create – they had programmed the Raspberry Pi computer and the Python program, constructed parts, wired the logic board interminably, and recorded narrations about the elements. We look forward to a big reunion party if we can gather their colleagues soon, before they all disperse to universities around the nation.

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