Board Chair Vince Gutschick is a fellow world traveler with Head of School Lou Ellen Kay, and their son David and his wife Yi. Vince is now offering the courses World Culture 3&4 and 5-8.  Here’s a happy scene at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo:

Each week Vince shares a different country with students for 70 minutes featuring history, culture, geography, fauna, flora, 60 to 180 images he and Lou Ellen took, personal stories, and a display of several arts, crafts, coin, and such.  To date (22 January 2022) we’ve been to  a panoply of countries in the Far East, China, Japan, Greece, France, Zambia, Kenya,  Canada (Haida Gwaii and Quebec), Morocco, Indonesia, Madagascar,  Costa Rica, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Malaysia, Jordan, Ecuador (the Galapagos) and Peru. Sixteen more sessions are to come.

Vince created a related website on travel, covering many angles, from great conversations with people, a few perils and misadventures, food, the vagaries of transport, unexpected insights, and more.