The Las Cruces Academy is up and running very well in distance education.  Our classes run several ways – some at scheduled times in Zoom or another app, others “asynchronously” with online recordings and assignments, yet others in home sessions as readings or as activities on paper, such as Singapore math.  Our teachers work very hard to keep students going with activities and assignments; they also correct work that’s been assigned.  Families can come to the school on Wednesdays, in groups of 3 or fewer, to exchange books to read or take tests.

We have so much to show about our students’ progress.  Here’s part 1, we may say: social studies work by students in grades 1 & 2 and a 3rd-grader. They started by choosing a historical woman they wanted to learn about back in March for National Women’s Month.  They spent a few weeks reading, researching, and gathering information about their historical women. They put it all together in this project and will be presenting their hard work to the class through Zoom starting this week.  In case the size of your display makes it hard to read the names of the women, they are Sacajawea, Amelia Earhart, Emily Dickinson, Helen Keller (3 times), Juliette Gordon Low, and Mae Carol Jemison.  Keep in mind that these are very young students, whose work is many grade levels above average.  We set the bar high and students leap over it!

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