9 May 2019: a recap and a prospectus:

  • Big event on the 11th: our twice-yearly end-of-term performances by our students for families and friends, 5 PM.  Students and teachers worked on this all semester.
  • Big event on Wednesday, the 29th: Food for Thought, our signature community event and fundraiser.  A gala evening of dinner, discussions, and a silent auction.  See our write-up and, we propose to you, consider buying tickets.
  • Now that the website is revamped and back up, we have recent events to highlight:
    • Our visit on April 30th to Dr. J. Paul Taylor, beloved educator and legislator in his historic home in Mesilla, by our students in grades 1-8.  Pictures to follow!
    • Activities of the after-school engineering club, by teacher Elizabeth Brasher and parent/engineer Jessica Houston, with help from several parents.  We have lots of photos for a post that will be up right after this.
    • Field trip to the Calhoun Flower Farm in La Mesa, by our students in grades early k through 2, along with teachers and several parents.  More photos to come!
    • Shopping day for 1st- and 2nd-graders, organized by teacher Kelly Lin.
    • Our 2nd-ever standardized testing, done right – no teaching to the test, no time taken out of our innovative curriculum beforehand.  We finished on April 26th and hope to see more great results by about May 15th.
    • Return of archery, with the full panoply of equipment generously loaned by NM Fish and Game.  We had our first day yesterday, the 8th.
    • Our pleasure to congratulate our early childhood teacher, Arielle Lane, on pulling together everything for her Master of Science degree in education, with a reading specialty.
    • Yi Li, wife of our board member David Gutschick, walked at Ohio State’s huge commencement ceremony on the 6th, to receive officially her PhD diploma in materials science and engineering.
    • NMSU’s Insect Zoo visited the school yesterday, the 8th.  Students got to view and, in many cases, hold a number of interesting insects and arachnids.

Whew!  Much to have done, much to share.

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