17 November 2018: The Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Mesilla Valley Mall hosted us for a book fair. As part of our activities there, Board chair and teacher Vince Gutschick did a 40-minute science demo. He made the video into four segments, adding some later videos showing details. The contents, and their links on YouTube, are listed on our website, at https://www.lascrucesacademy.org/science-demo-at-barnes-no…/

We had many activities in their children’s department for young and old: face-painting by Bleu Knight and Ruba Mohammed, Harry Potter crafts by Charlotte Gard, book reading by Andrea Camunez, calligraphy by Chen Yan of the Confucius Institute, singing in Spanish and Chinese by many of our students (who rehearsed many times with teachers Elizabeth Brasher, Yulin Zhang, Arielle Lane, and Kelly Lin), and a science demo by Vince Gutschick. Other help was provided by Duke Gard, Marv King, Frank and Jana Holguin, Mark Myers, and Huaqing Cai. I hope I’m not overlooking anyone! A good time was had by all.