5 September 2018: We’re just over 3 weeks into the new school year, in our tenth year of classes.  New and continuing students, a new teacher joining us, and vibrant classes fill the school.  Our 13 students in early K/kindergarten and 14 students in grades 1 & 2 are at our caps – our small class sizes let our teachers teach very well.  We have 44 students enrolled this year, up from 33 last year (!); 27 are continuing, while 3 moved out of the area and 2 graduated, to Arrowhead High.  New teacher Kelly Lin just moved here from LA.  Our salaried teachers Elizabeth Brasher, Arielle Evans, and Yulin Zhang continue their work, abetted in their efforts by volunteer teachers Lou Ellen Kay, Vince Gutschick (both LCA founders), and Mark Leisher.

The diversity of our students is remarkable, from 12 nations or national origins from 4 continents, a range of family backgrounds, and an equally notable range of interests and abilities.  Our teachers are from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of experience; they teach not to the test but to their lights.  We thank also our Board of Trustees and our advisors for their work and guidance.

Arielle Lane teaches Early K/kindergarten and floor-exercise PE, and she runs the garden club; Kelly Lin teaches grades 1 & 2 and math for all, K-7 (note: we accept 8th-graders)

Yulin Zhang teaches Chinese (see a separate video); Elizabeth Brasher teaches English, Spanish, social studies, music, and PE, and runs the engineering and theater clubs

Our volunteer teachers: Dr. Lou Ellen Kay teaches science up through grade 3, art, maker space, reading, and cursive; Dr. Vince Gutschick teaches science 4-7 and tennis, all grades K-7; Mark Leisher teaches computer programming 3-4 and 5-7, and he maintains the PCs

(Oops – Vince and students are captured in art mode)

And… our students have the self-discipline to do silent reading