1 November 2017.  Students in grades early K – 2 and then 3 – 8 got to see a selection of 36 images out of the 5500 taken by Vince Gutschick and Lou Ellen Kay in June of this year.  Vince, the Board Chair, and Lou Ellen, the Head of School, toured the beautiful mountainous area of northern Vietnam and the stunning Halong Bay, then flying further to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to see Angkor Wat and other temples and palaces.  Everywhere they met lively, friendly people who, at least in Viet Nam (the actual spelling), have put the horrors of war behind with rapid development that benefits the common person.  Vince and Lou Ellen stayed in the homes of families in the hill tribes that migrated out of China 150 – 300 years ago – the Dai (pronounced Zai), Red Dao (red dzao), White Thai, Hmong, and Tai (dai).  The weather was very hot and humid, the hiking strenuous, but all worth it.  So, too, was the food worth the trip.

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