Saturday, 22 April 2017.  We were there, on the Downtown Plaza.  Our Board Chair, Vince Gutschick, and our Head of School, Lou Ellen Kay, were joined by LCA parent Lara Milane.  The LCA fitted in well with the theme of Earth Day, attested to by the banner given us as the Sustainable Business of 2017.  A dozen families inquired about the school for their own children.  We also did some science demos; visitors examined the details of a cow bone, a uranium ore sample activating a Geiger counter, and a violet laser pointer showing the beautiful fluorescence of chlorophyll in bamboo leaves.  With each demo we enjoyed relating the wider and the deeper stories they lead to.  Vince spoke about the value of science at the March for Science tent, zooming out, as it were, from his personal career in science to the world community of science and its value.