Tuesday, March 14, 2017.  We’re so pleased to announce that Kannon Pearson has received a scholarship from the National Science Foundation for his studies at Foothill Community College in San Mateo, California.  Kannon is 16 years old and is already in advanced studies in biology, math, English, and mythology, and he shadows a graduate student in the lab at Stanford University.  Our board chair, Vince Gutschick, has been doing outreach sessions for the LCA with Kannon and his equally remarkable siblings, Aidan, Madison, and Meghan.  The four of them, admirably home-schooled by their mother, Cheri, have been meeting regularly with Vince for over 3 years, first via in person visits to Vince and Lou Ellen’s home when the Pearsons lived in El Paso and now via Google Hangouts, mostly for science (experiments and discussions) and on to a wide array of subjects; Vince and Kannon have great discussions and exercises in calculus now.  Kannon thanks Vince for writing a key letter of recommendation that helped him get the scholarship.  Kannon, you earned it, in spades!